Airtel BD Latest 3g Internet Packages (Update)

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Airtel Bangladesh 3G Internet packs
Type Price* Volume Validity Activation Balance check
Both Prepaid & Postpaid 10 30MB 2 days *121*781# Prepaid *778*555#



Postpaid *121*70#

15 40MB 3 days *121*5001#
20 50MB 7 days *121*771#
50 150MB 7 days *121*5003#
100 300MB 30 days *121*5011#
199 1GB 30 days *121*5014#
275 1.5GB 30 days *121*731#
350 2GB 30 days *121*5020#
450 3GB 30 days *121*5025#
650 5GB 30 days *121*711#
950 8GB 30 days *121*5040#

*15% VAT applicable


Recharge 3G internet packs
Type Recharge Amount* Volume Validity Activation Balance check
Prepaid Only 17 40MB 3 days Recharge 17 *778*4#
98 250MB 30 days Recharge 98
229 1GB 30 days Recharge 229
398 2GB 30 days Recharge 398
517 3GB 30 days Recharge 517
747 5GB 30 days Recharge 747

* VAT included.


Airtel Smartphone Plan
Type Recharge Amount Volume Validity Activation Balance check
Prepaid Only 863 6GB* 90 days Recharge 863 *778*41#

*6GB amount will be dispersed over 90 days. Subscriber will be able to use 2GB every 30 days. * VAT included.


  • How do I activate 3G?dial *121*555#.

    After activation you can enjoy any of the above packs at 3G speeds.

  • Can these packs be used in 2G also?

    Any of the above 3G packs can be used in 2G as well as 3G

  • Can I use 3G on my old airtel 3G sim?

    airtel existing SIM card is ready to use 3G, so any airtel subscriber can use 3G anytime if he/she is under 3G coverage and activated 3G services .

  • Can I buy these from USSD menu or IVR?

    All above 3G internet packs are also available in USSD menu *121*7# and IVR 1212 (free), you can check and buy your preferred pack from there.

  • Can I use 3G without purchasing a pack?

    You can. It’sthe default 3G service if you do not have any 3G pack purchased. You can use anytime at tariff rate 0.01Tk/KB (VAT applicable). Your daily usages limit for 3G Pay As You Go internet type is 10MB/ day; as soon as your daily usages limit reaches to 10MB your 3G internet service will be barred and will be unbarred automatically next day.


Other info:

  • 3G Pay As you go:

    you will receive notification at your 8MB 3G Pay As you Go usages as well as your 10MB usages

    to continue 3G internet usages further after Pay As You go blocking need to subscribe any 3G internet pack which will ensure your uninterrupted 3G internet usage at much lower cost.

  • 3G Speed:

    all above airtel 3G internet packs are with no speed limit. Speed may vary depending on location, reception quality, and network utilization.

  • Auto-renewal:

    all 3G internet packs have auto-renewal feature, availing auto-renewal your remaining data volume will be forwarded with new pack. Recharge 3G packs do not have this feature.

    if you want to stop auto-renewal write in SMS <3GOFF> and send to 5000; after expiry of your existing pack validity it will not be renewed and if you don’t subscribe any further 3G internet pack within the existing pack validity the   remaining internet volume will be cleared out from account after validity expiry.

  • Volume expired before validity expires:

    if your 3G internet pack volume is consumed before expiry of its validity you will be charged BDT 0.01/10KB for additional usages till the remaining pack validity, and after expiry of the pack valdity if you are not faciliated with auto-renewal your internet usages will fall in ‘Pay As You Go’ and will be charged BDT 0.01/KB.


3G Internet Price Comparison
Pack Validity Offers by other operators airtel price airtel advantage Activation
30MB 2 days 25MB /1 day 10 5MB & 1 day extra *121*781#
150MB 7 days Max: 75MB / 5 days 50 Double MB (75MB extra) *121*5003#
300MB 30 days Max: 250 MB / 30 days 100 50 MB extra *121*5011#
1GB 30 days Min: 275TK Max: 300TK 199 Save 76TK to 101TK *121*5014#
1.5GB 30 days Max: 1GB / 30 days 275 500MB extra *121*731#
3GB 30 days Min: 700TK Max: 750TK 450 Save 250TK – 300TK *121*5025#
5GB 30 days Min: 950TK 650 Save 300TK *121*711#

So with airtel 3G you save more and experience unbeatable speed with no limit!

3g Airtel Bd

airtel 3G frequently asked questions
1.  What is 3G?
Ans: 3G is state-of-the-art technology in mobile communication. In simpler words, it is a network which gives you fast data speeds on your phone so that you can do much more than just talk. It enables high-speed Internet access, video calling and enhanced multimedia experience.
2.  What can I do with 3G?
Ans: With 3G you will be able to enjoy….
  • High speed mobile internet access on your phone.
  • High quality voice service: The quality of voice calls is much better in 3G compared to 2G services.
  • Faster download: 3G users can download songs, video content, high resolution photos and other files at high speed.
  • Mobile with broadband experience: 3G subscribers can use their phones for high speed internet as long as they are in a region under 3G coverage
  • Video services: 3G user can enjoy video call facility where both the caller and receiver will be able to see each other while speaking, if both have 3G services and 3G-enabled handsets:  3G enables its users to send video mails and video clips to their friends.
  • Mobile TV: 3G users can watch TV programmers of different channels on their phone, even when they’re on the move.
3.  How can I use 3G? or What do I need for 3G?
Ans: All airtel SIM cards are 64K which means they are 3G compatible. So, no further SIM change is required .For availing airtel 3G Services, you need to fulfill the following requirements:
  • You should be latched on to Airtel’s 3G Network
  • You should have a 3G-enabled handset
  • 3G subscription or a 3G pack
4.  Why should we go to 3G
Ans: It enables high speed experience on mobile.
  • High speed mobile Internet
  • Video streaming, TV broadcast
  • Video calls, video clips – news, music, sports
  • Enhanced gaming, chat, location services
5. How can I test my 3G speed?
Ans:  1. Search for the speed test application at Play Store (Android), or App Store (Apple Products), or Market Place
(Windows Phone), or App World (Blackberry) from handset.
          2. Search for speed test web sites if using USB dongle or MiFi device on a computer or laptop.
6.  How do I know that I am on Airtel’s 3G Network?
Ans: the moment you have activated 3 G services with a 3 G pack and your handset’s network settings is on Dual mode / UMTS & GSM Mode / Auto Mode, then you should automatically latch on to our 3G network.
You will see 3G/3.5G / H displayed next to your network bar on the phone screen.
7.  Do I need a Separate number or a new 3G SIM?
Ans: No, you do not need a separate number or a new SIM to activate 3G. Your current SIM is 3G compatible and we can activate a 3G pack on your existing mobile number and SIM card.
8.  What are the VAS products available on 3G?
Ans: Since 3g essentially gives better browsing speed, the most significant benefit is video content along with generally faster mobile internet access. Some of products and applications which have benefited from 3G are:
  • Full song downloads – a 3MB song which used to take 1min, will now take about 6sec
  • Mobile TV – you can watch TV on your mobile with a choice of channels of all genres – news, entertainment, sports and so on.
  • Multi player Gaming – now you can play games and compete with other people through multi player gaming
  • Video Talkies – these are short edited versions of movies that you can watch while on the move
  • Video Alerts – You can get daily video alerts on topics of your choice from fitness to Bollywood to sports and many other options
9.  How do I change my network settings to latch on to 3G?
Ans: Go to Phone Settings,
Select Network Settings/Network Mode,
Select Dual Network / 2G & 3G mode / 2G & UMTS mode,
and Press OK to Save.
10.  Why does my phone battery level reduce faster while using 3G?
Ans:3G enables high speed internet and other features and thus increases the consumption of your phone’s battery.
11.  Do I need to change my SIM to avail 3G?
Ans: No. All airtel SIM cards are 64K which means they are 3G compatible. So, no further SIM change is required.
12.  What are the common features of 3G?
  • Higher Capacity and noiseless voice
  • High-Speed Internet and wireless application protocol
  • Video calling
  • Mobile TV
  • Mobile Music
  • Enhanced Video and audio streaming
  • Video conferencing
  • Online HD gaming
  • M-Commerce
  • Localization base services
  • Messaging services
  •  Convergence
  • Universal roaming
  • All sorts of multimedia services
13.  On what factors does 3G speed depend?
Ans: Firstly speed depends on handset, coverage, network traffic and number of users currently using the 3G network at a certain point at a particular point of time.
Secondly, it depends on your subscribed Data Package Speed.
14.  Which handsets are compatible with 3G network?
Ans: Smart phones are 3G compatible. But definitely not every smart phone may support all features. Because manufacturers are at their own discretion develop mobile stations with versatile features. Technically, R99 , HSPA and HSPA+ supported handsets are compatible with 3G network and will at least support the Voice Service. But, regarding availability of Data Services the availability varies with type of handsets.
15.  What is R99 and HSPA ?
Ans: R99 is a handset data bearer service up to 384kbit/s which is generally known as Release 99 or R99.
HSPA means high Speed packet access. It is combination is HSUPA (High speed uplink packet access) & HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) that support maximum 42Mbit/s.
16.  How could I get 3G SIM with connection?
Ans: You can buy the connection from any of your nearby AEC/ARC
17.  What will happen if I am outside the 3G coverage area?
Ans: You will be continuing with 2G/2.5G services in areas where 3G coverage is absent.
18.  Will 3G network be available across the country?
Ans: On first phase airtel will launch 3G in Dhaka and some areas of Chittagong by October, and cover all the divisional cities by January next year.
19.  What are the advantages of 3G over 2G?
Ans: Because of its backward compatibility, 3 G networking can do all that 2 G networking could, such as digital voice, voice mail, conference calling and simple data applications, like email. Because of 3G networking’s ability to handle high-capacity data transfers, it supports features like Video conferencing and Mobile Television. 3G support multimedia services add high speed data transfer to mobile devices, allowing new video, audio and other applications through mobile phones- allowing music and television and the Internet to be accessed through a mobile terminal.
20.  Which service should I go for “Pay per use” or “Bundle Offer”?
Ans: You can get detail tariff plan for 3G connection and services in the website after 3G launch.
21.  Are you making any special offers with handset providers for 3G?
Ans: Will communicate with you whenever product will be launched.
22.  Is 3G Different from 2G?
Ans: Yes, 3G is different from 2G. 3G network will give you the access of high speed internet, video call, and high speed multimedia experience within 3G coverage area.
23. Will 3G services work in Prepaid & Postpaid both
Ans: Yes, 3G can be used in both prepaid & postpaid. To use 3G you need to ensure that you have a 3G connection, your handset is compatible to 3G and of course you are under 3G network coverage.
24. What is video calling?
Ans: Video calling is when you talk to someone over phone and at the same time able to see that person of the other end on the screen of your phone. With the emerge of 3G data transmission technology, people can video call each other under 3G network coverage.
25. Do I need a specific type of handset for making a video call or can I use my existing 3G compatible device?
Ans: For video call, it is necessary that your handset has a camera on the front side of the phone and supports 3G video call. For a successful 3G video call, other parties (to whom you are making call) must also have 3G enable handset and both have to be under 3G coverage area.
26. Is it necessary for both the parties to have a 3G phone to make & receive 3G video calls?
Ans: Yes, it is necessary for both the parties to have a 3G phone with front camera which supports 3G video calling & both the phones are connected to 3G network.
27. What happens when I move from 3G to 2G network?
Ans: When a user will move from 3G to 2G network then all the service supported on 3G network like video call, high speed internet access, etc will not be available; the user will get all 2G services like what he gets now. The mobility will be seamless but as you move out of 3G coverage area you will fall back on 2G coverage without disrupting your data or voice session. However in case of data, the speed will also fall back to 2G speed level.
28. Is it possible to take voice call during internet surfing in 3G?
Ans: Yes, with advanced 3G network it would be possible to make a voice call during internet surfing. With 3G network it will be possible to continue both data and voice session at the same time.
29. If a caller attempts a video call  to another subscriber (3G subscribed user) who is in 2G network, what will be the response the dialed person gets?
Ans: Video call will not establish.
30. Can I block the image (not the audio) of my phone when making or receiving a Video Call?Ans: This is a handset feature. Many handsets may allow you to switch off your camera during a video call. Or you can simply block your camera with your finger or anything, if needed.
31. What will happen to my video call if I move from 3G to 2G?
Ans: Your Video Call will drop when you move from 3G to 2G.
32. What is the tariff plan of 3G services?
Ans: Will communicate with you whenever product will be launched.
33. How can I configure 3G on my phone?
Ans:  Automatic Settings:
  • New/ first time User: Customer will receive the automatic configuration/setting parameters for Internet as soon as insert the airtel SIM card the very first time. Just need to save it for enjoying data services.
  • Existing user in case of switching the handset: Whenever you are going to change your handset you will automatically receive the setups for the new handset. Just save it.
           Manual Settings: 
  • You can also configure internet on your handset manually, based on different Operating Systems such as Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad and others.

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