Airtel Postpaid Talk time Bundles

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 Airtel Postpaid Talk time Bundles

1.       You will avail the offers by typing STARTPrice Point and sending SMS to 4444 (short-code may be changed due to technical reasons). 
2.       OFFER:

Price Point
(without VAT)
On-net Bundle
On-net SMS Validity (Days)
including Purchase Day
Purchase SMS to 4444 Short Code
BDT 50 150 50 4 START50
BDT 100 300 50 8 START100

3.       You can call any airtel number (including FnF, CUG, etc) with the talk-time & SMS amounts being given in the on-net bundles throughout 24 hours.
4.       Upon purchase, you will be billed the Price Point without VAT.
5.       Your FnF/CUG rate will be as per package, but all local on-net calls will be consumed from the bundle when valid.


1.       You cannot consume both Power Packs & Bundles together.
2.       The earliest purchased Power Pack / Bundle will be consumed first when valid.
3.       SMS – per SMS; GPRS – per KB.
4.       Power Packs & On-net Bundles will be reflected as Smart Packs (a separate item) in your monthly invoice, and VAT will be applied during invoice generation.
5.       In case of Power Packs, amount in BDT will be posted, which will be depleted at the stipulated tariff rate.
6.       In case of bundles, on-net minutes will be posted directly.

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