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Robi Radar Apps Now Robi Radar App allows you to find where your Facebook and Foursquare friends are, find tweets nearby,

Robi Radar Apps tell where you are and with whom, send messages to all friends who checked-in nearby or ask them to check-in, from any phone with no data plan or GPS.

For all Phones

With Robi Radar you can:
  • know where your Facebook friends check-in
  • share on Facebook where and with whom you are
  • send SMS to all nearby friends

All this without a data plan or GPS!

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For Smartphones

The Robi Radar App shows you, in a easy
and fun way, the places visited by your friends
and where they check-in on Facebook and Foursquare.

To download the App you can send an SMS to 
3131 with the message ROBI or click on the
following buttons:

Invite your friends for Robi Radar!

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