How to Access/Unblock Facebook in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Government Facebook has been blocked , Still you can use facebook Access/Unblock some methods given below –

For Facebook Access/Unblock Use a proxy: A Web proxy basically shields your identity from any site you’re trying to access, acting as a substitute IP address so your personal IP address is hidden. Anonymouse and Hide My Ass are both examples of free Web proxies.

Facebook Access

The most easiest method to access blocked Facebook in Bangladesh is by using Free Proxy Websites. These Websites use a separate proxy to direct the data around the web filter providing easy access. Despite, the proxy, these websites don’t allow flash thus limiting the usability of the blocked websites.Some of these websites are:

The second way to bypass access to Facebook in Bangladesh is to use a Third party proxy server Software. These software are widely available for free and provide optimized proxies to bypass Facebook in Bangladesh.
Some of these software are: (For Download Search In
  • HotSpot Shield Elite
  • UltraSurf Download
  • Spot Flux

Another way to access Facebook in Bangladesh is by using Tor Browser.

  • Download Tor Browser (For Download Search In
  • Install Tor Browser
  • Run Tor Browser
  • enter
  • Answer some security questions.
  • Done! Enjoy Facebook in Bangladesh.
  • Note: Flash/Videos may not work.


When will Facebook be unblocked in Bangladesh?

This is the BIG question now at large. There is no clear indications from the government of Bangladesh of when Facebook access will be restored. Though, some reports suggest that Facebook block might be removed within a week. So, keep patient and try alternative methods to access Facebook in Bangladesh bypassing the block.

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  1. Gavin James says:

    I recently signed up for arcvpn and now I’m watching all of my favorite online tv content!

  2. Anime Fan says:

    I tried your proxy sites and my Facebook id is temporary blocked

  3. I am trying to use

  4. s.tanha says:

    i forgot my security question answer… how can i access in my FB?

  5. s.tanha says:

    from last 3 days… i cant access my FB account… they asked for security question answer… i forgot that answer.. there hv other option which i hv to choose my fb frd… there hv no pics .. then how can i recognized who is in this pic? plz help me ..

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