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Banglalink values its relationship with customer and strongly focuses
on nurturing the bond. to show our gratitude to our loyal customers,
banglalink has launched “priyojon program” which is now more exiting. in
our upgraded priyojon program customer can easily earn more points
along with exclusive discounts in over 200 partner outlet across the
to become a priyojon member, you need to have a banglalink prepaid,
postpaid, sme, or call & control number. all you have to do then is
use a total of tk. 150 or more in one month by making calls, sending
sms, or using banglalink internet normally, and you’ll automatically be a
priyojon member in the next month! no additional registration is

to check your priyojon membership status, or to know more about the priyojon program, dial *6000#.

new members will begin with a priyojon silver status, and after 3
months they can be upgraded to gold or platinum status based on their
average usage.

priyojon silver priyojon gold priyojon platinum
use tk. 150 – 169 every month use tk. 170 – 499 every month use tk. 500+ every month

dial *6000# to check your priyojon membership status

banglalink reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer without any prior notification.
Banglalink Priyojon Program offer details

  • all banglalink prepaid, call & control and sme customers are eligible for this offer.
  • customers
    with more than tk. 150 usage in a calendar will be automatically
    registered in to the program in the following calendar month and will
    start earning loyalty points.
  • all new registered customers will
    be placed in the silver slab at the point of registration. after that,
    customers’ status will be determined based on their last three months’
    average usage.

*excluding vat

  • at
    least 1 outgoing call/sms using main account balance in the given week
    from the customer mobile is required for weekly bonus point. free
    minutes/free money calls will not be considered as activity.
  • all customers who are using banglalink for more than 1 year will receive welcome bonus of 50 points upon registration.
  • customers can check their status or prize point balance by dialing *567#.
  • customer can check their free talktime balance by dialing *124*4#
  • customer can check their data bonus balance by dialing *124*14#
  • in case of the customers without any network activity for consecutive 90 days, all points will be terminated.
  • for
    monthly bonus customers need to be active throughout all the weeks of
    the month and should have the minimum monthly usage for their
    respective slabs.
  • registered priyojon customers will receive
    their usage based points and weekly bonus points once in a week based
    on their usage performance in that week.
  • banglalink reserves the right to change or cancel this offer without any prior notification.
  • customers
    can redeem their points from the following list. for point redemption
    customers need to type any sms keywords from the below table and send
    sms to 5678.

Register for Priyojon Program  Type P and send SMS to 5678

Check Your Prize Point  Dial *567*1#

Get Your Gift   Type SMS Code from following Chart and send to 5678

Keyring,Cap,Bag Pack,Mug and Hanset should be collected from customer care
you can redeem exciting gifts with your priyojon points! in an sms type the code number of the gift and send it to 5678.


key ring
200 points
code: K

575 points
code: T

school tiffin box
800 points
code: J

school water bottle
1,200 points
code: N

1,200 points
code: M

1,800 points
code: S

universal mobile charger
2,000 points
code: P

3,500 points
code: Q

3,500 points
code: R

memory card (microsd)
4,000 points
code: U

pen drive
4,000 points
code: V

4,500 points
code: X

priyojon basic handset
9,000 points
code: H

blending machine
13,000 points
code: Y

priyojon basic plus handset
16,500 points
code: H1

pressure cooker
20,000 points
code: Y1

mobile power bank
26,000 points
code: Y2

rice cooker
26,000 points
code: Y3

priyojon 3G handset
40,000 points
code: H2

couple’s dinner at a 5 star hotel
65,000 points
code: W

* due to ongoing promotions, actual product image may differ from the image shown

you can redeem bonus minutes, sms, internet and exciting gifts with
your collected priyojon points! in an sms type the code number of the
gift and send it to 5678 and also by dialing *6000*1*3#

current  gift points requirement code current validity (days)
free 5 minutes & 25 on net sms 50 L 1
free 300 on net sms 300 B 2
free 35 minutes 300 A 1
free 100 minutes 500 C 2
free 500 on net sms 500 D 3
free 350 minutes & 50 on net sms 1000 E 3
free 1050 minutes & 450 on net sms 2500 F 4
bonus internet points needed code valid for
2 MB 35 i1 1 day
5 MB 65 i2 1 day
10 MB 80 i3 3 days
15 MB 120 i4 3 days
20 MB 150 i5 7 days
50 MB 350 i6 7 days
  • to check bonus minutes dial *124*3# and for sms balance dial *124*4#
  • to check bonus internet balance: dial *124*14#
  • bonus minutes can be used for banglalink numbers (except fnf
    numbers) from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm only. sms can be used for banglalink
    numbers only
  • bonus internet is applicable for pre-paid and call & control subscribers only 

you can collect priyojon points in a virtual account by normally
making calls, sending sms, or using mobile internet with your banglalink
number. you will receive points every week and once every month
depending on your usage. the more you use your banglalink number, the
more points you’ll receive.

dial *6000# to check your priyojon point balance

welcome points get 50 points if you’ve been using your banglalink for more than 1 year
weekly points
receive points for using your banglalink number every week
silver member 1 point on tk.10 usage
gold member 1 point on tk.8 usage
platinum member 1 point on tk.7 usage
bonus weekly points
for being with banglalink
number less than 2 years old 1 points
number 2 – 5 years old 2 points
number over 5 years old 3 points
monthly points
receive points every month for crossing a total monthly amount
tk. 150 = 10 points
tk. 400 = 30 points
tk. 1000 = 100 points

loyalty discount for post-paid customers
can reduce your mobile expenses through our loyalty discount program.
the monthly loyalty discount amount is calculated based on your length
of stay with banglalink and usage per month as shown the following
table: this
means the longer you have stayed with banglalink, the more discounts
you will receive. the loyalty discount is our way of expressing
gratitude toward you, because your loyalty means that banglalink is
your preferred and trusted mobile operator.

  • a customer’s length of stay with banglalink will be calculated starting from the date of activation of service with banglalink.
  • for post-paid package 1 customers, the discount amount will be adjusted with their monthly bill.
  • for post-paid call & control customers, an amount equivalent to the discount will be uploaded every month to their accounts.

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