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Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (Ibbl) has introduced a
new IT based Shariah compliant product under the name of ‘Islami Bank
Khidmah Card’. IBBL It has been carefully developed by Islamic financial
expertise who ensure that our products are within the guidelines of
Islamic Shariah. It operates on the ‘Ujrah’ concept which is based on a
fixed fee structure, meaning that only fixed fee will be charged to the
customer.It gives the option to the customers of either paying the
entire outstanding amount or paying only a minimum amount of the
outstanding balance in due date.

This IBBL Shariah compliant electronic
product will make easy our every day buying and selling with reducing
risk of carrying physical cash. This new product will bring new business
era for the bank and accelerate the development in the banking sector
through financial inclusion considering all classes’ people of elite

Card Information
Types of Card Limit
Silver Card Up to  Tk.50, 000/- only
Gold Card Up to  Tk.100, 000/- only
Platinum Card Up to  Tk.200, 000/- only
  • A Shariah Compliant Card  Based on ‘Ujrah Concept’ (fixed fee based concept).
  • Global usage privilege.
  • No risk is associated in buying.
  • Payment of gas, electricity and WASA bill.
  • Exclusive Shopping & Travel Discounts within VISA global offering.
  • Hotel and Hospital booking, Bus, Train and Airplane Ticketing.
  • Exclusive discount on the purchase of Superstore.
  • Lowest charge.
  • First Supplementary Card Free.
  • Card Cheque Facility.
  • Advance Salary Facility.
What Service Provided from iBanking?
you can pay Khidmah Credit Card Bill debiting your account in
iBanking.More service regarding Khidmah Credit Card will come soon

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