New Banglalion Wimax Recharge Card Now Market!

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Banglalion Bring Recharge Card on Market, User Can Enjoy Card Recharge
Banglalion Wimax Recharge & Bill Pay Options
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Postpaid 200 700 1000 1500
Prepaid 150 400 699

No more queuing up for paying monthly bills!! Banglalion introduces Smart Pay card for paying postpaid bills.
Visit any nearest Banglalion outlet to get your desired card and recharge at your convenient time.
Smart Pay cards have denominations of Tk.200, Tk.700, Tk.1000 and Tk.1500.

Easy Smart Pay process: 

Step 1:  Go to Self-Care portal by navigating through 
   >My Account or 
Step 2:  Enter your User Name and Password
Step 3:  Click on Top Up link
Step 4:  Enter Serial Number and PIN of your card to pay your
With this Smart Pay card you can pay maximum amount with 
the possible combination and number of cards. However, 
maximum Tk.200 due will be allowed in a month. For example:

     If you are on a Safari 4 plan your regular bill will be Tk.747 and if your extra usage is 1GB,      the total bill (including VAT) will be Tk.923 (Rent Tk.747+ extra use Tk.176 @Tk.0.15/MB).      You have to pay at least Tk.723 to keep you account active. You have following options to      pay:
             • Option 1: You may recharge Four cards of Tk.200
             • Option 2: You may recharge a card of Tk.700 and a card of Tk.200
             • Option 3: You may recharge One card of Tk.1000

Any due or surplus amount will be adjusted in the following month.

For more info: 
Please Call 01198989898

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