Robi Latest 3.5G Internet Packages Update Price

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Choose your preferred Robi 3.5g internet package to start your journey of high speed Robi internet, a world of new Robi 3.5g Internet experiences. Enjoy never ending streaming video, movies, music, news, sports, apps, games and more using robi internet.
robi 3g Internet Packages

You can activate your designed Robi Latest 3.5G Internet bundle using:
– USSD menu : dial *8444#

– Toll-free IVR : call 8444

Robi  3.5g Internet Pack Details

Robi Internet (MB) Validity USSD
Price for USSD (BDT) Auto renew Easyload Recharge Amount (BDT)
2500 28 Days *8444*92# 377 Yes 449
1500 *8444*85# 275 Yes 316
750 *8444*500# 175 Yes 201
250 *8444*250# 75 Yes n/a
100 *8444*100# 40 Yes 46
100 10 Days *8444*10019# 19 Yes n/a
150 7 Days *8444*2007# 24 Yes n/a
45 1 Day
(24 hours)
*8444*21# 10 Yes n/a
25 No 6
7 *8444*4# 2 Yes n/a

– You can activate bundles with auto renew or without auto renew option. In case of auto renewal, you can deactivate your bundle any time by dialing *8444# > Manage existing plan
– Easy load packs are not in auto renewal.
– USSD packs are available for both prepaid and postpaid users
– To check your internet balance please dial *8444*88#
– USSD packs price are excluding Supplementary Duty (SD) + VAT on price inclusive of SD
– Easy load packs are including SD & VAT
– Enjoy the pack volume in both 3G & 2G in maximum speed
– You can purchase same pack multiple times to top-up internet volume.
(Example: Subscriber having 3MB out of his 7MB@2Tk pack with the validity till 11May 2:00pm can purchase another 7MB pack on 11May at 11am. His quota will be  3+7=10MB and validity would be 12May 10am, that is last pack validity would be total accumulated volume’s validity)
– All packs can be used for 24 hours

Pay Per Use Tariff

Package Price
Pay Per Use (PPU) BDT 0.015/KB

Important Notes:

– After expiration of Data Bundle Pack, subscribers will be charged BDT 0.01/10 KB
– Dial *8444*88# for data balance check.
– To ensure smooth video call service, you need to have 3G video call enabled handset, and be within 3G network coverage too.
– 3% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15% VAT on price inclusive of SD will be applicable on bundle price.

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