Airtel Facebook Pack Tk 5 get 10MB

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Exclusive data pack for airtel facebook fans to stay connected always with their friends and family through the world’s most popular social network site facebook. Now double your like, share and friends @ only TK 5!

*Facebook data pack is accessible only for core facebook sites including 
*Along with facebook pack it is possible to activate and use other available airtel volume based data pack simultaneously 
*The volume is 10MB 
*If you have activated both facebook and volume based pack facebook pack volume will be consumed for facebook browsing and volume based pack volume will be consumed for browsing and downloading other than facebook sites 
*Validity will be 2 days including the activation day 
* The pack will be automatically renewed after the validity expiry if sufficient balance is available; to stop auto renewal just need to write in SMS “FBOFF” and send to 5000 
*You can check facebook account balance by dialing *778*37# 
*Browsing any third party link through facebook data volume will not be consumed from facebook pack rather will be consumed from other volume based pack if available or from main account as Pay as you go 
*If facebook pack volume is consumed before the pack validity expiry, facebook browsing will be stopped right away and to continue further need to activate either PG2 (10KB/paisa) or need to reactivate the pack again 
* In case you have both facebook and volume based pack and your facebook pack volume is consumed before validity expiry facebook browsing will be active through your volume based pack, and if volume based pack is also consumed before validity expiry you can activate PG2 (10KB/ paisa) till the volume pack validity sustains 
* Pack reactivation within validity or auto renewal will carry forward the remaining volume 
*VAT applicable

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