GP Samsung Tabulous Offer 24GB 3g Internet Data Free!

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GP is going to partner with Samsung for a Samsung Tab campaign. 2 Tabs, Samsung Tab 3v and Tab 4 will be under this campaign which will be sold from vendor’s channel and anyone purchasing the tabs and using GP prepaid connections in the tabs will be able to get 24 GB Of internet in GP network.

GP Samsung Tab

Offer Details:

  • This offer is brought to the customers by Samsung for GP prepaid customers who will purchase Samsung Tabs only
  • 24 GB data (Validity: 90 days)
  • Customers will have to opt-in by writing “Tab” and sending to 5050 to tag the tabs and avail the internet offer (All SMS sent in 5050 port are free of charge)
  • Customers will get the bonus internet instantly after registration
  • SMS Opt-in is once at a time and bonus will be disbursed at a time (no further SMS/activities required)
  • This offer will be valid for 60 days. But validity of the bonus internet will be 90 days
  • Bonus Data can be checked by dialing an USSD (*566*10#)
  • Only One MSISDN can be tagged with one IMEI/Tab. So multiple MSISDNs cannot be used in same IMEI for getting this offer. For multiple tagging by same user, first valid tagging will be considered for internet bonus disbursement.
  • Users of Grameephone Smartplan, Non Stop Browsing Night-Time, Non Stop Browsing, Heavy Browsing, 20GB & 4MB packs will not get this offer. Customers will have to opt-out from those packs to get this offer.
  • If any existing data users get this offer and they had previous bonus minutes and data then bonus voice and data will be added and higher validity will be applicable.

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