How To Can Set FNF Number Add/Delete/Change For Grameenphone/Robi/Banglalink/Teletalk/Airtel & Citycell

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GP Friends & Family (How To Can Set Grameenphone FNF Number Add/Delete/Change )


The procedure of F&F activation, change, addition for Prepaid and Post paid as per the below table:
Applicable product: GP Prepaid, djuice, Ekota, BS Prepaid, Xplore and BS postpaid.


Services SMS Format
Friends & Family
[ Prepaid & Postpaid]
Activation newnumber <space>newnumber<space>newnumber
Change oldnumber<space>newnumber
To View FF
Add (New Number) newnumber <space>newnumber
Delete D<space>Number
For Help Help
Charge Message charge Tk. 2.00/SMS

Super F&F Activation and Modification Process:

Services SMS Format
Activation SF <space>Mobile Number
Change/Modification SFC <space>Old Number<space>New Number
  • Super F&F is applicable only for Bondhu, Amontron and Xplore Package
  • Super F&F can be changed after 15 days of activation

F&F port for the eligible products will be remaining 2888.

Note: Already assigned F&F numbers can be changed after 15 days.

*2888# USSD Menu:

Customers can dial *2888# to add, delete, view and Change the FnF and Super FnF number. This is applicable for those price plans that have FnF or Super FnF like: Bondhu, Amontron, Xplore, djuice, Business Solution and Ekota (1& 3)

USSD Menu:

Menu Options
*2888*1# 1 Add Super FnF
*2888*2# 2 Add FnF
*2888*3# 3 Delete
*2888*4# 4 View FnF
*2888*5# 5 Change FnF
*2888*6# 6 Change Super FnF


Who can use this USSD?

This menu can be used for those price plans that have FnF or Super FnF, like: Bondhu, Amontron, xplore, djuice, business solution and Ekota (1 & 3).

Can customers add, delete, and change multiple numbers through this menu?

No, customer cannot add, delete, change multiple number through this menu. But customer can add, delete, and change number one after another.

How to Add/Delete/Change/Check FNF Banglalink Super FNF


Add Banglalink Super FNF
Dial *166*7*desired number#
Example *166*7*019XXXXXXXX#
Change  Super FNF 
Dial *166*8*old number*new number#

Add a Banglalink Number
Type Add fnf number and send sms to 3300
Example Add 019XXXXXXXX and send sms to 3300Replace or Change a Number 

Type ch old fnf numbernew fnf number and send sms to 3300
Example ch 019XXXXXXXX 019XXXXXXXX and send sms to 3300Delete a Number
Type rem number and send sms to 3300

Example rem 019XXXXXXXX and send sms to 3300Check Banglalink FNF list Number

Type FF and send sms to 3300
Robi FNF and Partner Numbers


The Friends & Family (FnF) feature allows Robi subscribers to talk to their selected numbers at a reduced call rate and the Partner number allows even more benefits. So, just follow the following simple steps to set FnF and Partner numbers and enjoy fantastic call rates and benefits!

How to Set FnF and Partner Numbers:

1. Dial *140#, select ‘FnF & Partner’ and follow instructions thereafter

2. SMS to 8363 (8FNF) as follows:

To SMS Format Example
Add FnF numbers A FnF numbers A 018xxxxxxxx 017xxxxxxxx 019xxxxxxxx
Add Partner number P Priyo (Partner) Number P 018xxxxxxxx
Delete FnF and Partner number D number (to be deleted) D 018xxxxxxxx
To know FnF and Partner number(s) F F
To know about the whole process H H


– Maximum of 3 numbers can be added as FnF with 1 SMS
– Maximum 1 number can be added as Partner with 1 SMS
– Maximum 1 number can be deleted from FnF and Partner list with 1 SMS
– Each FnF & Partner number can be changed after 15 days
– SMS will be free of cost.

How to set/Delete/replace F&F in Airtel?

To add FNF dial *121*4*1#, or SMS “ADD016XXXXXXXX”  to 7353 (free).
To delete FNF, customer has to dial *121*42# or 
SMS “DELETE016XXXXXXXX”  to 7353 (free)

To replace a number dial *121*4*3#

To check FnF list dial *121*4*4#

N.B: For your concern, don’t press space in your sms format

How to set F&F in Teletalk?

Teletalk FnF Activation Procedure:

To Set FnF Number:

1st Step: Write Reg in message option and send it to 363

2nd Step: After geting a confirmation SMS to add a FnF number – write Add in message option then put a space then write the desired FnF number and send to 363

For Example: Add <Space> 0155XXXXXXXX and send to 363

To set every FnF number you have to send separate message by following the same procedure.

It will be activated within 72 hours.

Delete & Check FnF: Dial 1515 and follow the next direction.

Change Teletalk FnF: Dial 1515 and follow the next direction.

How to Set FnF in Citycell

  • To set FnF numbers in Citycell, type “FnF<space>mobile number” and send it to 1111.
  • If you want to set both FnF numbers at a time, type “FnF<space><mobile1><space><mobile2>” and send to 1111.
  • In both cases, you will receive a confirmation message from Citycell.


How to Check Balance in Citycell


  • Dial *120 to listen the bill information.
  • Write bill and send sms to 7678 – to see internet data usage and bill information by sms.
  • Dial *222 – to recharge any Postpaid Cash Card by following voice or IVR instruction.
  • Bill Payment at any Citycell Customer Point / Center.
  • Online Self Care “” to check data usage, bill query and more details.


  • Dial *811 – to listen prepaid primary account balance.
  • Dial *887 – to get sms of you secondary account or bonus account information.
  • Write usage and send sms to 811 – to see internet data usage and validity information by sms.
  • Dial *887*Hidden number of scratch card – to recharge any Prepaid Aalap Card or scratch card.
  • Dial *888 – to recharge the Aalap Card by following voice or IVR instruction.
  • Etop-up – to recharge prepaid account from retailer shop through electric top up.

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