Let’s celebrate 16th December Bangladesh victory Day 2015

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The British partition of India in 1947 ripped apart the map of this region, leaving little bits of one nation inside the borders of another. After the glorious victory of 1971, the entire country rejoiced in triumph, but the rays of Independence and freedom never reached these closed up “Enclaves” of Bangladesh. After 64 excruciating years of wishing and waiting, the people enclaves tasted Independence on 31st July, 2015.

Thanks to continuous efforts and initiatives by the Government of Bangladesh, these enclaves became a part of Bangladesh for the very first time. They are no longer nation-less people of the enclaves, they are all Bangladeshis. After 44 years of Independence, these new Bangladeshi’s will celebrate the Victory Day on this 16th December for the very first time.

The valiant freedom fighter, who waited for decades, will raise the Bangladeshi flag on his roof for the first time. The little children, who grew up without a nation will rejoice at their first victory day celebrations as Bangladeshi’s. Supported by the energetic youth of Jaago and the melodies of Surer Dhara, Grameenphone will be there to sing songs of freedom and victory with the new Bangladeshis, as the whole country joins in to welcome them with open arms. Cause, this is the time for all Bangladeshis to come together and forge a new bond, it is the time for Bangladesh to get ready and go beyond.

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