Qubee STRONGER Network Now Ready So Get back THE GAME

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Qubee STRONGER Network Ready. So Get back to THE GAME. Get Ready.Game starts on 14 April

Qubee Network Coverage Area Map In Bangladesh

Qubee At network:

Everyone in business can benefit from being connected to the internet.

can keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and even advertise
your business to other internet users. The speed and reliability of a
connection Qubee can really transform the way your business works.

is a team of professionals committed to deliver your corporate and
business needs. The team was also able to offer you some special
packages especially designed for business needs.

What is Qubee:
is fast and reliable Internet experience from Augere & Multitech
Solution is the authorized distributor of products Qubee Licence No:
DS0015. Our specialty is fast & free home delivery 24X7.

believe that everyone should be able to enjoy hassle-free access to the
internet and the opportunities it brings. We also believe that the
Internet world, speed is happiness so we offer fast and reliable
downloads backed up by customer service that never sleeps.
To provide fast and uninterrupted internet, QUBEE uses of WiMAX technology, which is the latest 4G wireless solutions.

We are not just making the Internet work, we are making it work well. And now, can you to enjoy.

Wher is Qubee:Qubee service is currently available in Dhaka and Chittagong.

use the coverage maps to see if your home or business can currently
receive services Qubee Internet. They will be updated regularly as Qubee
network is growing all over Bangladesh. If you are in any doubt about
coverage in your area, please contact us for home delivery. We are happy
to help you.

Devices / modem:Qubee gives you three unique Device: Gigaset, Shuttle and Dongle for your preference.
modem: Made in Germany, the price BDT modem Gigaset 3000 is robust and
perfect for fast and reliable broadband connection at home. If you want
Wi-Fi in your office or home is the device for you.

Qubee tower has built in Wi-Fi router in it. This stylish plug and play
device is an excellent choice for SME and home users broad band.

Price: BDT 5000 (Ony for the monthly package)

A Qubee dongle that you plug and play feature that provides you with
convenient, high speed mobile connectivity within our scope zone and is
priced at BDT 2000 for Pre Pay. But it may have just BDT 1500 for the
monthly package.

Qubee UH235 (Shuttle): You will
get the best speed on your desktop and laptop in place Qubee coverage
Qubee UH235. It is also plug and play and do not need a separate power
Price: Pre Pay BDT 2000; Monthly Package-BDT 1500

Pre Pay Qubee offer:
2 GB @ Tk. 700 with 30 days validity, 1GB @ Tk 400 with 30 days validity, 200 MB @ Tk. 100 with 7 days validity

Qubee Pre Pay offers:
2 GB @ Tk. 700 with 30 days validity; 1GB @ Tk 400 with 30 days validity; 200 MB @ Tk. 100 with 7 days validity
* VAT Included

To get your Pre Pay @ home please feel free to call hotline: 01678036151.

•Tk. 700 card recharge gives you 2GB and 30 day validity.
•Tk. 400 card recharge gives you 1GB and 30 day validity.
•Tk. 100 card recharge gives you 200 MB and 7 days validity
can recharge anytime within 120 days of your account expiry. To keep
your account active, please recharge within this period.
•You can carry forward your unused usage volume by recharging again within validity period.
•Pre Pay charging pulse is 1 MB.
avail the 14 days money back guarantee you will need to return the
device to the Qubee Gulshan or Elephant Road (Multiplan) store. Please
do not forget to bring the money receipt and the customer copy of QUBEE
registration form with you.
•If you wish to get a refund from the
same place where you have purchased the device you will need to do this
within 7 days of purchase with the signed refund form.

QUBEE Value Added Services:
Qubee is now offering a range of value addedd services which can meet
your various needs in businees. If you need a professional Wi-Fi
solution for your event or conference we are here to make it happen.
Qubee has SMTP service as well. Use Qubee mail service as your email
solution and enjoy a trouble free communication.

QUBEE VAS: * Event/conference WiFi * Total Wireless solution for your office environment * Email and SMTP service * Static IP

you need multiple connections for your office, or special package as
well as value added service, our corporate and direct sales team will be
right there. Just leave a few lines @ Corporate.sales@multitechbd.com
or call us
info 9353079; buy 01678036151.
You can also register your organization here by selecting business
category to Bangladesh Business Directory www.directory.com.bd

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