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Package name: Robi Hoot Hut Chomok 32 Package & Tariff 

Core Value 
Enjoy upto 87% call rate discount at Robi numbers (4.33 paisa/ 10 sec) and upto 70% call rate discount to other operators numbers (10paisa/10sec) with 5 FnF options ( 3 to Robi Numbers & 2 to Other Operator’s numbers)
Other values
Robi is the only operator which has offnet dynamic discount upto 70% (10paisa/ 10 sec) in its Dynamic Discount Offer “Hoot Hut Chomok 32” package.
Package & Tariff 
a. Package name: Hoot Hut Chomok 32
b. Upto 87% onnet discount (4.33 paisa /10 sec) and upto 70% offnet discount (10paisa/ 10 sec)
c. FnF : 13p/10sec to 3 Robi FnF numbers & 2 other local operator(s) FnF numbers
d. For international calls, International charge and pulse applicable
e. Subscriber will enjoy the discount for local voice calls only 
f. Pulse: 10 second & 15%VAT applicable in all charges

Discount Query:
a. USSD query: Subscriber can dial *1228*20# and get the discount information. Charge: Free
b. Pre call notification: Subscriber will get a message while call set up. Charge: Free
c. Cell Info display: Subscriber can activate cell info display of their handset. Charge: Free

Tariff Table

Tariff Plan: HOOT HUT CHOMOK 32
Voice Call Outgoing Call Rate Discount / Call Tariff
Robi Base Tariff Upto 87% discount : (4.33p/10sec) applicable on 33.33p/10 sec
Others Base Tariff Upto 70% discount : (10p/10sec) discount applicable on 33.33p/10sec
Robi FnF (3) 13p/10 sec flat
Other FnF (2) 13p/10 sec flat
Migration Recharge TK 32 or free dial *8999*32#

For more details: FAQ

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