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Robi Booster offer is an offer which allows prepaid customers (exceptRobi Easyload, Uddokta & SME) to recharge an amount and multiply to a bigger value for use in Robi-Robi Calls, Internet and/or local SMS.

The rechargeRobi Prepaid Booster Offerd amount does not go into main account. It goes into a separate account as “new value”. This new value’s amount can be checked by dialing *222*4#.

How to Get this Offer

– Customers have to migrate to a special package to be eligible for this offer. To migrate, dial *8999*4#.
– The base tariff (excluding VAT & SD) of this package is
> Robi – Robi (24 hours): 18 p/10 sec
> Robi – other operator (24 hours): 18 p/10 sec

The Offer
Recharge Multiplier (X times) New Value Validity (in days)
24 3 72 3
44 4 176 4

– Customer has to recharge exact denominations as above: 24tk and 44 tk.
– The new value can be used to make Robi-Robi calls, to use internet and to send SMS. Customer can choose to use it for calls only, internet only, SMS only or a mix of his/her own choice.
– The new value will have a fixed validity period as per the above table. Validity is counted from time of recharge.
– To check balance of the new value, dial *222*4#
– The new value will be charged at the following tariff (excluding VAT & SD):
> Robi-Robi call: 1 Taka/ min
> Internet: 1 Taka/mb
> SMS: 1 Taka/ 10 SMS
– Off net calls or any other activity not under this offer, will be charged at the base tariff of the package.


Other Conditions

– Once validity period is over or if the new value ends before validity period, customer will go back to base tariff

– During the validity period, customer will be able to take multiple booster offers but on the condition that his first booster value will be exhausted with the first purchase’s validity.
For example, if he has taken the 24 tk offer on 8th October (for 3 days) and they recharge 24tk again on October 10th, they will get the new value of 72 tk in booster balance*222*4# for that recharge. In this case, whatever is remaining (if any) of the booster value from the 8th October recharge will be exhausted when validity ends on October 10th 11:59:59.

– The new value cannot be transferred as balance into any other Robi number
– Customers can migrate to other packages using the respective migration codes. They can come back to this package again using the migration code as well.
– If customer migrates out of package, they will no longer be eligible for the offer. If migration happens before validity period of offer ends, customer will be able to finish using that particular offer up to its validity in the new package as well
– 15% VAT & 3% SD is applicable on all tariff
– Offer is valid until further notice

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  1. rasel says:

    disgusting, and complicated,. me and my family in robi number from 2006. but where the previous package? now have any fnf?. i limit my call from robi.may be not use furthur. if answer about ur all running package, become glad.

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