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Airtel Inactive-Bondho sim Reactivation offer 3GB 3G internet Data FREE!

All inactive airtel Bd pre-paid customers reactive your connection and enjoy 3GB FREE 3G data bonus, Special tariff offer with FREE Twitter, Wikipedia browse on 19tk recharge Special tariff : on 19tk recharge airtel – airtel – any operators (24hrs): 0.60tk/min. SMS to any numbers (24hrs) : 0.39tk/sms. Pulse : 1 sec ►Airtel BD 3GB […]

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Facebook Free Internet www.internet.org In Bangladesh Will be launched 21 April!

FREE Internet Facebook access in the country Bangladesh is being launched this month 21 April! . Facebook is in the early stages, the government will have the opportunity to get to the website of the service. This list will be added to the health, education, employment, communications, business, various emergency service information at the local […]

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Mobile Phone subscribers In Bangladesh End of December 2014 BTRC Reports

Bangladeshi Mobile Phone subscribers at the end of December 2014 BTRC Reports  01. Grameenphone Ltd. (GP): 5 core 15 lac 4 thousands.02. Banglalink Digital Communications Limited (Banglalink): 3 core 9 lacs03. Robi Axiata Limited (Robi): 2 core 52 lac 89 thousands.04. Airtel Bangladesh Limited (Airtel): 75 lac 5 thousands.05. Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. (Teletalk): 38 lac 6 thousands.06. Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited […]

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Robi Sumo internet Pack 6GB Data 399 Taka

December is a special month in the history of Bangladesh. To make it memorable for Robi data subscribers, introducing a Sumo internet offer for subscribers. Only for a limited time period subscribers will get the opportunity to activate Robi 6GB internet @ of 2GB! To maximize engagements with friends & families over mobile internet, robi […]

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Mobile Phone Subscribers in Bangladesh Report By BRTC

Bangladeshi Mobile Phone subscribers at the end of March 2014 Report By BRTC  01. Grameenphone Ltd. (GP): 4 core 86 lac 83 thousands.02. Banglalink Digital Communications Limited (Banglalink): 2 core 93 lac 66 thousands.03. Robi Axiata Limited (Robi): 2 core 39 lac 36 thousands.04. Airtel Bangladesh Limited (Airtel): 84 lac 8 thousands.05. Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. (Teletalk): 34 lac 34 thousands.06. Pacific Bangladesh […]

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Grameenphone 3G Roadmap Bangladesh

The leading cell phone operator of Bangladesh named Grameenphone enters into a new era by winning the 1st phase of 3G Bid with secured 10 MHz of spectrum. Grameenphone has announced 3G (third generation) network roadmap for its customers. Grameenphone 3G : Roadmap in Bangladesh• 18 September, 2013 : Beta Testing in Dhaka• October, 2013 : Official launching in […]

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Robi launches New media campaign styled Ami Deshpremik

Mobile operator Robi has launched a new campaign in the mass media titled ‘Ami Deshpremik’ This campaign encapsulates the patriotic spirit in the hearts of millions of Bangladeshis – and their relentless contributions towards advancing Bangladesh.   Ami Deshpremik campaign portrays how common Bangladeshis can contribute to building a prosperous Bangladesh. Every citizen of Bangladesh […]

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Airtel Bangladesh Active USA International Roaming Services

Airtel Bangladesh Subscriber Can Active international roaming Services With Airtel, you don’t have to worry about roaming around the world. No matter where in the world you travel, our vast roaming coverage will keep you seamlessly connected. Our International Roaming provides you the freedom of using your Airtel number when you travel outside Bangladesh. We […]

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BTRC blocked Tango Viber in Bangladesh

The government has blocked popular internet calling and messaging services Viber and Tango on security grounds. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has sent letters to the mobile phone operators and international internet gateway operators regarding the Tango Viber closure. BTRC Secretary Sarowar Alam confirmed this to the Dhaka Tribune. The notice was also sent to […]

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Citycell New Prepaid Packages 10sec pulse Low Price

Citycell Start New Prepaid Packages On 10sec pulse Low Price Call Rates ULLASH 10 Sec PulseMigrate to Ullash, Type “J” send to 4567ULLASH – TIME – To Citycell & Other OperatorsVOICE 24 Hours Tk.0.84/minFnF N/ASMS Tk.0.50 ANANDA 10 Sec Pulse To migrate, type “A” & send to 4567 Enjoy the best rates with the most number […]

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