Citycell Modem Internet Configuration Settings in Android TAB

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Configure Citycell ZOOM Ultra Internet Configuration Settings for your Laptop/Desktop Computers, Android TAB

Many people keep asking about how to configure Citycell’s ZOOM for to
use in their computers and Laptops to get internet access. Although its
plain vanilla type of thing for many people, for many others its not so

The problem is that I couldn’t find any post in Google
where it describes easily for the other people. I have tried to describe
it below step-by-step so that any new person can easily understand this
and make the connection.


1. You should have a modem (USB or PCMCIA), Citycell RIM with internet enabled and sufficient network coverage.

2. You also need to insert your RIM card into the modem in one prescribed direction

3. You should be aware about the network coverage and its strength at your location

Configuration for Desktop Computers:

Step 1: Insert your CD that comes with you modem into computer’s CD-ROM drive

2: The software installation would launch automatically, else run
setup.exe from either CD-ROM root folder or from any other base folder,
there should be only one setup file

Step 3: Click next by default
until you reach end of the installation and click finish, it may ask
you to restart you computer, do accordingly

Step 4: Now connect
one end of your USB cable to modem, and another end to your computer’s
USB port, the computer would automatically recognize this new device and
install driver accordingly, if any prompts come to enter your dial-in
number, user id and password, then use following,

Dial-in Number: #777, User Name: waps (lower case),Password: waps (lower case)

Below is the picture of Huawei EC325 modem,

Huawei EC325 USB Modem

other CDMA modems will have same kind of inputs/outputs and there is a
place for inserting RIM card into it except if its non-RIM based.

Step 5: You should get the software short-cut on your computer’s desktop or in start menu, kindly run it.
You should get a connect menu, click on that and if it asks for the details, put above details.

you can create your own connection from new network configuration
wizard on Windows XP/2000. Below is the screen-shot. Just click on that,

Windows New Network Configuration

then Next,

select “Connect to the Internet” then Next,

select “Setup my connection manually” then Next,

select “Connect using a dial-up modem” and Next,

give ISP name “Citycell” and Next,

give Phone Number #777 and Next,

select “Anyone’s use” and Next,

Provide waps in User name, Password and Confirm password fields and Next,

Check “Add a short-cut to this connection to my desktop” box and click Finish.

In any stage if it prompts for selecting modem, select the newly installed modem.

creation is now complete. Now you will see a shortcut on your desktop,
double-click it and click Connect. If everything is ok, then it will
authenticate with Citycell’s server and connect. You will see a network
icon on the system-tray bar located at right-bottom corner of your
desktop screen.

Now open Internet Explorer or any other browser and go to any website to check if internet connection is succeeded.
Configuration for Laptop Computers/Notebooks:

need to follow above procedure except that the PCMCIA card needs to be
inserted into your Laptop’s PCMCIA slot. Below is the picture,

PCMCIA Generic Card

in mind to extend the antena after you install the card on your Laptop.
However you can also use USB modem with your Laptops just like Desktop

I think the above guideline will help to configure
Citycell ZOOM internet connection easily on your computers. For any
suggestion you can e-mail me at

I’ll try to add some more tips which would help in this regard and to solve some common issues.

Citycell Modem Internet configuration in Androaid TAB
ZOOM ultra modem configuration in Androaid TAB
1. Press Menu > Settings > More > Mobile networks
2. Select Access Points Names
3. Press Menu button > Select New APN

1.Name: Citycell
2.APN: #777
3.Proxy: 4.Port:
5.Username: waps
6.Password: waps
9.MMS proxy:
10.MCC: 407 (default-502)
11.MNC: 06 (default-12)
12.APN type:default,mms

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