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Grameenphone (GP) introduced Facebook SMS as an additional enabler of the mobile social network experience of its valued subscribers. With the Facebook Grameenphone (GP) SMS, One can use Facebook’s basic functionality like status update, send friend request, search friend etc through the SMS without internet connectivity.
In order to activate the service, Grameenphone (GP) subscriber has to SMS FB to 32665 and a confirmation code will be sent to you via SMS which needs to be entered in your Facebook account for initiate Facebook SMS. Or follow this link from mobile: Settings> SMS. Then you can update your Facebook status and receive notification through SMS.
So What’s New!!??!
Previously, the charging model was BDT 1/SMS and all incoming messages were free. But now, with the revamp we are introducing subscription based model with additional features like Birthday Alert, Status shuffle etc. So this allows our subscriber to be connected with their preferred social news without necessarily being connected!


Subscrition Model 1:
BDT 2* for 5 days subscription based model with 4 free SMS. After finishing the 4 messages, each message will cost BDT 1*.
Subscrition Model 2:
BDT 5* for 10 days subscription based model with 12 free SMS. After finishing the 12 messages, each message will cost BDT 1*.

Customers need to send SMS to the port 32665 for below mentioned keywords.

     Sets user’s status to .

[sub ] or
[subscribe ]     Subscribe to friend’s status updates

[unsub ] or
[unsubscribe ]     Unsubscribe from friend’s status updates

[p ]or
[poke ]     Initiate Facebook SMS Poke Message

[add ]or
[add ] or
[add ]     Sends a friend request to 

Fan/Like a page
[Fan ] [like ]     Fan/like the page. The vanity URL is the identifier of the page that replace the name.
Ex : Grameenphone
[photos]     Sends user the personal email upload address that he can use to upload his photos.

Service Related
[stop]     Deactivate Facebook SMS
[on]     Reactivate Facebook SMS

[help]     Sends Help

* 15% VAT applicable with all charges.

More at 121 or 01711594594

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