surprise your dear ones with video calls! the service helps to
connect both the caller and the receiver in such a way where you can see
each other while having the conversation. all you need is Banglalink 3g video
calling enabled handsets and both of you need to be within 3g coverage

  • banglalink subscribers availing 3g data packs will automatically become eligible for video calling.
  • once ready, just enter a number or select a number from your phone book.
  • by selecting video call from your handset, the call is on.
  • you can also receive a video call as long as the caller is in 3g coverage area.
  • the video call may drop when a subscriber moves from 3g to 2g area.
  • once you choose to make a video call, then video call tariff will be applicable as 20 paisa per 10 seconds.
  • this is applicable for banglalink to banglalink calls only within 3g coverage area.
  • 15% vat applicable.