How To Stop Or Cancel Deactivate Robi Internet Auto Renewal

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How to stop or cancel or deactivate robi internet auto renewal feature :

Follow the Steps then try again:

Step 1# From your handset dial *8444# and press send or call button

Step 2# From the menu choose ‘Review Current Plan’ and choose the plan you want to deactivate

Step 3#  Select the serial Number of your activated auto renewal plan (4MB/2GB/3GB etc respective data plan active serial number)

Step 4# From the menu you can press (1) for ‘Temporary Cancel Plan’ and (2) for ‘Cancel Plan Subscription’

Step 5# Reply 2, Cancel Plan subscription, to cancel your Plan permanently

Note: If you ‘Cancel Plan Subscription’ then you will not be able to reactivate the plan. Instead you will have to repurchase the plan once again.

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