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Question: What is Robi e-Care?
Robi Self Care enables you to Check your credit, dues and bills online
Subscribe and unsubscribe to Robi services Add and remove FnF numbers
Download Goongoon songs to your mobile etc.

Question: How can I use this Service?
Answer: Any Robi user Prepaid and Postpaid can use this service. Users need to visit then Register for a new account. Or you can download Robi e-Care apps form google play store and install it to your number.

Question: What is the field I need to fill up to register this service?
Only 7 fields you need to fill-up- (1) Mobile Number, (2) NID, (3)
Password (4) Confirm Password, (5) Date of Birth, (6)Email Address, (7)

Question: Can I use this service using other operators?
Answer: No

Question: What is the Password Policy/ Weak Password?
Answer: The password you entered is weak. It should:
– Contain at least 8 characters
– Not contain mobile number
– Contain at least one letter
– Contain at least 1 number

Question: While registering this service If my password not match what will be the notification am I getting?
Answer: Passwords do not match.

Question: How do I know whether I have already registered this service before?
Answer: You will get “Account already exists” notification while registering to this service.

Question: What will the Mobile number format?
Answer: You can use 880 or 018 or 18 any format.

Question: How can I retrieve my forgotten password?
Click the Forget Password link >>Enter the mobile number you use
to login then click continues>> You will get a PIN
number>>Get Pin from your mobile>>Insert pin and changer
your password.
Robi User e Care FAQ Usage GuideLine:
Users need to visit

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