Banglalink Desh User Can Add 10 fnf Number

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To accommodate your Big list of friends, banglalink presents Add 10 fnf Number package. now you can enjoy 4.5 paisa/10 seconds to one special banglalink number & as low as 9 paisa/10 seconds to Add 9 fnf (any operator Number)!
Know  How To add Banglalink FNF Number, How To Delete Banglalink Fnf Number, How To Change Banglalink FNF Number,

  • all prepaid Banglalink customers (excluding e-voucher) can migrate to this package by typing “start” and sending sms to 7363 (free).
  • “Banglalink special fnf” package customers will automatically start enjoying the new package.
  • to set fnf, type the number and send sms to 3300. in case of multiple numbers additions each number must be separated with a space. 
    example: type0191xxxxxxx<space>0191xxxxxxx<space>0191xxxxxxx send sms to 3300.
  • to know current fnfs type ff and send sms to 3300
  • to replace one fnf with another type c<space>old number<space>new number and send sms to 3300.
  • to delete a fnf type rem<space>number and send sms to 3300.
  • fnf will be set within 48 hours of sending request.
  • to set special fnf number dial *166*7*desired number#. to change special fnf by dialling *166*7*old number*new number#.
  • to de-register from this package type “stop” & send sms to 7363. you will get back to your previous package.

    other local operators 24 hours 0.24/10 sec or 1.44tk/min+VAT
    banglalink number 24 hours 0.24/10 sec or 1.44tk/min+VAT

    banglalink fnf 
    12 am to 5 pm 0.09/10 sec
    5 pm to 12 am 0.15/10 sec

    other operator fnf 
    12 am to 5 pm 0.10/10 sec
    5 pm to 12 am 0.15/10 sec

    special fnf 
    12 am to 5 pm 0.045/10 sec
    5 pm to 12 am 0.06


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