Call Waiting/Forward/Divert/Holding Activation Code

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Robi Call Waiting/Forward/Divert/Holding

Robi Call Waiting/Call Holding

Do you need to manage two calls at the same time? Not a problem at all!
Call Waiting lets you know when you are on a call and someone else is trying to get through to you. You will hear a tone that alerts you to the incoming call. On the other hand, the Call Holding Service allows you to put your current call on hold and either deal with the incoming call, or make a new call. It is also possible to switch alternatively from one call to the other without terminating either of the calls.

mobile service code
You can activate or deactivate Call Wait through the menu of most phones. Alternatively, you can use the codes below.

  • To activate Call Wait and Call Hold press *43# and SEND
  • To deactivate Call Wait and Call Hold press #43# and SEND
  • To check if Call Wait and Call Hold are activated or deactivated press *#43# and SEND

There’s no charge for either of these services. But please look at your mobile phone manual to find out how Call Wait works on your mobile phone.

Call Divert/Forwarding

It might not always be convenient to answer the phone. So if you’re already busy on a call, cannot answer phone or just don’t want to be disturbed, you can divert your calls to your voice mail or any other number.

Call Forwarding allows an Robi Postpaid and Prepaid user to divert incoming calls to another Robi or any other number in Bangladesh including BTCL number (except international number).

How to divert calls to your voice mail or Robi number?

Select one or more divert options and press the following keys to activate or cancel divert from your handset:

Divert Options Activate Cancel To Check Status
BUSY * * 67 * DIVERT NUMBER # SEND # # 67 # SEND * # 67 # SEND
NO REPLY * * 61 * DIVERT NUMBER # SEND # # 61 # SEND * # 61 # SEND
ALL CALLS * * 21 * DIVERT NUMBER # SEND # # 21 # SEND * # 21 # SEND

You can cancel ALL DIVERT by pressing # # 002 # SEND

Please look at your mobile phone manual to find out how the divert options work on your mobile phone


Teletalk Call Waiting/Holding

If you want to handle two calls at a single moment, you can switch to the second call by kipping first call on hold. To activate, go to the call settings option from your handset Settings and activate call waiting option. This service is absolutely free for all Teletalk users.

Grameenphone (GP) Call Waiting/Forward/Divert/Holding Services code

Grameenphone was offered a celluar license in Bangladesh by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications. Grameenphone launched its service on the independence Day Of Bangladesh March 26th 1997.

Grameenphone is now the leading Telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh, with more than 16million subscribers as of December 2007.

Presently there are about 30million telephone users in Bangladesh, of which, a little over 1million are fixed phone users and the rest mobile phone subscribers.

Grameenphone has come along way, it is a joint venture enterprise between Telenor (62%) the largest communications service provider in Norway, with mobile phone operations in 12 countries, and Grameen Telecom corporation (38%), a non-profit sister concern of the internationally acclaimed Micro – Credit Pioneer, Grameen Bank.

Telenor has been instrumental in setting up such an international standard in developing the GSM service in Europe. Telenor has also helped to transfer this knowledge to the local Grameenphone employees over the years.

Facilities and Services from Grameenphone

Balance an Validity
Dial *566# to know your current balance and its validity

Customer Service
Call 121 to speak to Grameenphone Customer service (calls charged at local rates).

Caller ID
This is a basic feature that allows you to view the number that is trying to reach you.

Call Waiting
This feature enables you to receive a 2nd call while you are already talking to another person. Call waiting can be activated by calling *43#, deactivate by calling #43#, while its status can be checked by calling *#43#.

Call Conference
This is a unique feature which enables you to interact with multiple people at the same time. It allows you to make up to 5 calls so that everyone can talk to each other.

Call Divert/Call Forwarding
You can divert/forward your incoming calls to any other number when your mobile is off, busy, cannot answer or out of coverage area.

Call Barring
With this feature, you can restrict any unauthorised use of your mobile phone, incoming or outgoing. Outgoing call barring can be activated by calling *33*0000# (0000 default barring code), deactivated by calling #33*0000#
Incoming call restriction can be activated by calling *35*0000#, deactivated by calling #35*0000#

Friends and Family low Call Rates
Subscribers will enjoy great Friends and Family rates through which they can talk at only 0.25Tk per Min. SMS at only 0.50Tk, to any 3 Grameenphone Family and Friends numbers.
To activate your F&F numbers, go to message option, type your desired F&F number and send to 2888. F&F numbers can be changed every 3 days.

GPRS/EDGE via Mobile
You can use Grameenphones EDGE/GPRS roaming services for internet access, browsing and downloading content, sending and receiving E-mails, sending/receiving multimedia messages (with picture, sound, video clip) and many more features. Its avilable for both pre-payed and post-payed subscribers.
To activate EDGE/GPRS on your mobile, type “Edge p1” (for pre-payed serive, its charged at 0.02tk/kb browsing and downloading) or type “Edge p2” (fixed monthly fee of 1,000tk plus vat for unlimited browsing, available for both post and pre-payed subscribers) and send to 5000.
You will receive 3 sms settings (wap, mms and internet), save these settings with the pin 1234. You will now be able to browse the internet with your mobile browser.
Please note, some handsets do not support sms based settings and need to be configured through manual settings. In this case, call 121 for customer service.

Recharging Your Account

Scratch Cards
Buy a scratch card and scratch off the covered area at the back of the card to get the hidden number, than call *555*hidden number# from your mobile set.

Go to a flexiload retailer (theres flexiload outlets through out Bangladesh) and give him your grameenphone number. Tell him the amount you want to recharge (10tk – 10,000tk). The retailer will send the required amount to your grameenphone number.

Balance Transfer
Subscribers are now able to transfer 50tk to 200tk balance to any grameenphone number, this balance gives validity of 3days. Now even a de-activated subscriber can become active by recieving balance.
To register for this service, sms “Regi” to 1000. In replay you will get a 4 digit personal identification number (PIN), preserve it for your future use.

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